VELUX Roof Windows

Condell Ltd supplies a complete range of Velux Roof Windows and complementary products and accessories for any solution from installation right to the finishing touches. For a complete description of the VELUX windows range, please take a look at their website

  • VELUX Centre-Pivot Roof Windows

    The control bar is located at the top of the window allowing you to open and close the window comfortably from near head height.

    It also allows you to place furniture directly beneath the window, thus freeing up useful space.

  • VELUX Top-Hung Roof Windows

    For comfortable operation top-hung roof windows feature a conveniently placed bottom handle, with operation assisted by powerful yet gentle springs.

    Top-hung roof windows are perfectly suited to low pitched roofs

  • VELUX Integra Electric Roof Windows

    The slick remote allows you to control the opening and closing of windows from anywhere in your home. Ideal for windows that are out of reach to open by hand. Comes with programmable remote control and rain sensor.

  • VELUX Sun Tunnels

    Natural daylight where you never thought it could reach. Ideal for windowless bathrooms, corridors and cupboards.

  • VELUX Flat Roof Windows

    Specially created for flat roofs, these windows offer the ideal solution for bringing in large amounts of daylight.

  • VELUX Blinds

    Great things can happen when you incorporate light into the design of your home. But inviting natural light into your living space is one thing. Managing it effectively is another. Thanks to VELUX's latest selection of specially designed blinds you can take control of the amount of daylight a room receives. As well as its heat intake and heat loss. This helps save energy and contribute to improving a room’s indoor climate.

  • VELUX Cabrio Balconies

    An instant balcony from a roof window. The upper section is top-hung and opens outwards whilst the bottom section unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railing.

  • VELUX Conservation Roof Windows

    The VELUX Conservation roof window system offers all the superior technical features of a VELUX roof window but in a traditional conservation style. Available as both centre-pivot and top-hung (emergency escape/access)versions. Both feature an internal frame and sash of TOPfinish Nordic pine and are supplied complete with mullion and suitable flashings to achieve a harmonious visual appeal with most roofing materials.

  • VELUX Roof Terraces

    Extend the living space to an outside terrace.

    The Top-Hung upper element and side-hung lower element combine to produce a doorway to the outside terrace. All other upper elements in the combination are Top-Hung whilst the vertical elements are fixed.

    Made of high-quality natural pine with clear lacquer finish.

  • Combining VELUX Roof Windows

    Combine vertical and sloping pine roof windows to extend the possibilities for view and daylight. Ideal for storey-and-a-half houses.

  • Flashing Kits for VELUX Roof Windows

    Flashing kits for installation of VELUX roof windows into slate or tiled roofs.

  • VELUX Installation Products

    If you are specifying VELUX Roof Windows, VELUX Installation Products are the natural way to ensure the best energy-efficient installation.

    Custom made to fit the roof window, they not only help conform to building regulation requirements, but also save time on site.

  • VELUX Smoke Ventilation System

    Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators keep escape and fire brigade access routes free by leading smoke and heat up and out of a burning building. This means that buildings retain their fire-resistant properties and that damage to valuable assets is limited as much as possible.

  • VELTA Loft Ladders

    Quick to install and easy to use loft ladders.

  • VELUX Passive House Roof Windows

    VELUX are introducing GGU 008230, which is ideal for situations where Passive House-certified building components are required. This is the first and only roof window on the market certified for Passive House building constructions in cold climate regions.

  • VELUX Rooflights for Uninhabited Spaces

    VELUX rooflights are designed in such a way that you have the opportunity to bring light into uninhabited spaces.

    It is not advisable to use these Rooflights in habitable rooms because of their thermal performance.

  • VELUX Replacement Flashings and Window Panes