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  • The Story Of Gyproc

    Here at Condell we pride ourselves on being able to support the construction industry by providing great service and even better products. Whether it is our cheap plasterboard or our quality kitchens, we make sure we offer you a wide range of materials and fixtures that are both cost effective and reliable. As the supplier bridge between you and the manufacturers we know how important it is for us to know who does what best. We know that Velux excel at windows and we know that when it comes to plasterboard, Gyproc is cream of the crop. How do we know? Well, we choose to partner with well-established suppliers who have top quality products, developed and perfected over time so that what you end up using is the best.

    British Gypsum Logo

    If you still aren’t sure how we know Gyproc wins the top of the products then let us tell you a little bit of what we know about Gyproc and its history.

    Gyproc PlasterboardLike any plasterboard, Gyproc is made of a substance called gypsum that is compressed between two sheets of heavy paper. For decades it is this same method that has been used to make the plasterboard we are familiar with; a flexible, durable and easy way to finish off interior walls and ceilings. So let’s start at the beginning – what is gypsum?

    Well, gypsum is a soft sulphate mineral that can be used in fertiliser, plaster and even as a sculpture material (alabaster). The word itself is derived from the Greek gypsos which means chalk or plaster. It has interesting chemical properties and many different varieties, with crystals ranging from opaque and silky in makeup to transparent and granular. It is found in sedimentary rocks deep in the strata as well as in the northern polar region of Mars. So gypsum is an impressive and interesting mineral but why does is Gyproc such a great product? Apart from its obvious strengths as a durable, flexible and well-made product, it is the reliability and reputation of Gyproc as a brand that makes it all the more impressive.

    In 1929 Rhino Products was established as a hand-manufacturer of plasterboard. One year later, entrepreneurs took over and the company was reborn as Gypsum Products in 1930; ever since, the brand has grown from strength to strength, becoming a renowned and reliable name in the construction industry.

    In the 1940s and 1950s the company grew in strength and popularity, joining forces with South African Gypsum Industries Ltd and American Gyproc. Gyproc was later taken over by the British Plasterboard Company (BPB plc). BPB continued to grow throughout the UK, Europe and across the world until its 75th birthday in 2004. By this time its product development and distribution was of an impressive magnitude and Gypsum plasterboard had become a construction staple.

    In 2005 BPB Gypsum was purchased by Saint-Gobain who renamed the branch Gyproc from a selection of possible name choices. The name Gyproc was felt to emphasise not only the gypsum element of the company’s products but also the idea that the products are solid as a rock – a fact shown through use as well as branding. Since marking its 80th year in business in 2009, Gyproc has continued to lead through innovation and example, remaining a firm favourite of the construction industry and here at Condell.

    We are hoping to see more great things from Gyproc in the future and we hope you will give this phenomenal product a go. Read more about Gyproc Plasterboard on our site or feel free to contact us – we are always happy to help, whether it’s specifically to do with Gyproc or any of our other cheap plasterboards!

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Condell are the best builders merchant in the Sutton area. I have used them for years and they never let me down.
Harvey - Capital House Builders
Best local builders merchant
Excellent service, great prices, delivered on time. What more could I ask for.
Frank - PHI Construction
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