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  • Review: Velux Solar Hot Water Systems

    Recent reports published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change earlier this year confirm that almost half a million UK homes are now fitted with some sort of solar system in an active decision to dramatically reduce their energy bills. With this increase in interest, we’re going to be looking at the latest eco-friendly offering from the company which provided builders across the country with Velux windows.

    VELUX Solar Collectors VELUX Solar Collectors

    Considering its benefits as well as its drawbacks, read on to establish whether installing a Velux Solar Hot Water System is worth your while:


    By installing a hot water solar system in your home you’re guaranteed to be saving money in the long run by using cheap, clean energy from the sun to heat up your water supply. It’s estimated the system will provide up to 70% of the energy needed to warm up water for showers and other uses, reducing your carbon footprint by converting the rays of the sun using photovoltaic technology to create useful electricity and promising energy efficiency.

    In their design the Velux solar hot water system is also compatible with both traditional and modern roof designs, blending in with the background and making no noise whilst in operation in order to appear as unobvious as possible on homes. It will also provide heating for buildings of all sizes, which it owes to being available in a variety of sizes to ensure homes only pay for the energy provisions that they need on a day to day basis.


    As you can imagine, installing such as state-of-the-art solar water system is not cheap. Whilst most prices for the system start at around £400, this doesn’t take into consideration the additional costs of installation, which has the potential to bump the price tag well into the thousands.

    What will also make choosing a solar hot water system more complicated is the considerations you’ll have to make regarding your location. Not only do you need a fairly large roof to make sure the system has enough space to be installed and work properly, but the system is also geography dependent and will work best when positioned to receive as much sunlight as possible. This need for consistent sun without any shade will become a major problem for homes with roofs which are positioned awkwardly away from sunlight, questioning its suitability for some homes who may subsequently wonder whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

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