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  • Loft Conversions: Why Velux is Among the Best

    Bedroom Centre Pivot Pine FinishWhen people are getting ready to extend their living space or put their house on the market they are increasingly looking to make big, noticeable home improvements instead of undertaking basic cosmetic work. One improvement in particular that homeowners and sellers alike are growing fond of is the loft conversion. This renovation has been popular for years but with the current state of the housing market, making the most of the space they have is more appealing than trawling for a new home. Loft conversions add significant value to a property as well as an invaluable amount of extra living space but they can be daunting for the average homeowner to carry out this is where they turn to contractors and building professionals who are skilled, in-the-know and represent a smart investment overall. So what about after you receive the call? You need to ensure you make their investment worthwhile by using the best products and tools for the job. Velux loft conversions are one of the most popular types of loft conversion on the market – and for good reason. Velux is renowned for being both aesthetically pleasing as a finished product and for allowing a spectacular flood of light into the room. One thing that makes Velux conversions stand out from the crowd is how they prioritise safety and commit to providing quality cost-effective products. With such a reputation amongst the trade and consumers it is no wonder that Velux conversions are often the preferred choice of loft conversion. If you need any more reason to use Velux when doing loft conversions, check out the benefits below:


    When carrying out any building work or installing windows it is vital that you pay the utmost attention to health and safety practices. By doing so you will not only ensure your own welfare but you will put your client’s mind at ease. Velux windows allow you to go one step further in the safety stakes as they provide protection and peace of mind long after installation. With Velux windows, not only can you offer your customers professional service but you can offer them windows which are innovatively designed to be secure year-round and escape windows in case of an emergency.


    Loft ConversionWith increased information and education on being green many people are aware of the need for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lifestyles. As such, it is vital that you cater for green needs when carrying out work like loft conversions. Velux allows you to do just that as their windows provide ample thermal efficiency and have excellent noise-reduction capabilities. On average, a standard Velux window glass panel will reflect 60% of external heat in the summer, absorbing the same amount during the winter. This ability to regulate interior temperatures by filtering outdoor heat and light energy make them environmentally friendly and economically efficient, appealing to any customers who are looking to reduce both their household bills and their carbon footprints.

    Flexible Installation

    One thing you are likely to have faced in the past is being given difficult locations in which to carry out work. Now of course, loft conversions can only be done in the loft but many people assume that because Velux windows are predominantly seen on pitch roofs they are unsuitable for installation in a flat roof but this is not the case. Condell Ltd offer a wide range of flat roof windows which means whatever kind of roof your customer has you can offer them energy-efficient, cost-effective roof windows. These are just a few of the benefits that come with choosing Velux for roof conversions. When you undertake work and install products you’ll want to keep customers happy as well as ensure you and your work is associated with top quality, trusted products which means Velux is the brand for you. Contact us today on 020 8254 0066 or info@condell-ltd.com for more details.

  • The New Generation of VELUX Windows

    Insulate your Roof with Daylight

    More light. More fresh air. Lower energy bills. The new generation energy efficient VELUX roof windows let the warmth from the sun in and keep it there. The new VELUX roof windows. They’re simply amazing and available from the beginning of February 2014.

    Get More Daylight
    ​Get More Daylight

    With the new generation of VELUX roof windows you get more daylight and an improved influx of solar heat into your home.

    • Larger pane for 18% more daylight
    • Improved pane coating
    • Better indoor climate

    Get More Comfort
    Get more comfort​

    The new generation of VELUX roof windows gives you a more modern and attractive design with excellent ventilation and operation control and comfort.

    • Ergonomic new control bar
    • Background ventilation for fresh air
    • Updated design - slimmer sash and frame
    • Perfect matching curtains and sunscreening
    • Intelligent and user-friendly new control pad

    Use Less Energy
    Use less energy

    The new generation of VELUX roof windows gives you excellent energy efficiency with the new VELUX ThermoTechnology.

    • New high performing insulation material
    • Improved insulation and air tightness
    • Maximized effect of free solar heat gain
    • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Review: Velux Solar Hot Water Systems

    Recent reports published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change earlier this year confirm that almost half a million UK homes are now fitted with some sort of solar system in an active decision to dramatically reduce their energy bills. With this increase in interest, we’re going to be looking at the latest eco-friendly offering from the company which provided builders across the country with Velux windows.

    VELUX Solar Collectors VELUX Solar Collectors

    Considering its benefits as well as its drawbacks, read on to establish whether installing a Velux Solar Hot Water System is worth your while:


    By installing a hot water solar system in your home you’re guaranteed to be saving money in the long run by using cheap, clean energy from the sun to heat up your water supply. It’s estimated the system will provide up to 70% of the energy needed to warm up water for showers and other uses, reducing your carbon footprint by converting the rays of the sun using photovoltaic technology to create useful electricity and promising energy efficiency.

    In their design the Velux solar hot water system is also compatible with both traditional and modern roof designs, blending in with the background and making no noise whilst in operation in order to appear as unobvious as possible on homes. It will also provide heating for buildings of all sizes, which it owes to being available in a variety of sizes to ensure homes only pay for the energy provisions that they need on a day to day basis.


    As you can imagine, installing such as state-of-the-art solar water system is not cheap. Whilst most prices for the system start at around £400, this doesn’t take into consideration the additional costs of installation, which has the potential to bump the price tag well into the thousands.

    What will also make choosing a solar hot water system more complicated is the considerations you’ll have to make regarding your location. Not only do you need a fairly large roof to make sure the system has enough space to be installed and work properly, but the system is also geography dependent and will work best when positioned to receive as much sunlight as possible. This need for consistent sun without any shade will become a major problem for homes with roofs which are positioned awkwardly away from sunlight, questioning its suitability for some homes who may subsequently wonder whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

  • VELUX Windows Cashback Offer

    We are pleased to be able to announce an amazing £30 cashback offer for every VELUX GGL 3059 window sold during the month of October 2013.

    Buy online today, phone our sales team on 020 8254 0066 or email info@condell-ltd.com with your specifications.

    VELUX Centre-Pivot Pine Finish Roof Windows VELUX Centre-Pivot Pine Finish Roof Windows

    The original VELUX roof window, the GGL centre-pivot roof window, has been tried and tested for many years. VELUX GGL centre-pivot roof windows offer excellent quality, versatility and value for money. This classic pine finish window features a top control bar for manual operation and can rotate 180º for easy cleaning.

    Product features:

    • Comfortable and easy to use top control bar.
    • The window rotates 180° in its frame for easy and safe cleaning.
    • Excellent value for money and easy to install.
    • Natural pine finish.
    • A wide range of blinds and sun protection accessories are available.
    • 3059 double glazing with toughened outer pane.

    Of course these windows are also all available with FREE delivery.

  • VELUX Windows January Sale 23% Off

    Until January 18th 2012 we are offering all VELUX windows, Cabrio Balconies and Roof Terraces at a fantastic 23% off the VELUX list price.

    Of course these windows are also all available with FREE delivery.

    Order any VELUX products between now and the end of the month and avoid the VELUX price rise due on February 1st.

  • Amazing 22% Off VELUX Windows on www.Condell-Ltd.com

    For the month of April Condell Ltd are offering an amzazing 22% off all VELUX windows.

    VELUX Centre Pivot Windows


    And that's not all, there is also an incredible 20% off of VELUX single window flashings.

    Order online today to take advantage of this fabulous offer:


  • The new VELUX Blinds Collection from Karim Rashid


    Award-winning designer Karim Rashid has created 8 visionary designs exclusively for VELUX.

    Inspired by movement and nature, this contemporary collection offers inspiration and brings an abstracted ‘digital nature’ into the home. Blackout but eye-catching, colours range from vibrant pink to acid yellow, to a more subtle black and white, and four of the eight designs feature metallic detailing, creating a vivid texture.

    Graphic Flower Black


    Graphic Flower Metallic


    Sinus Lilac


    Sinus Metallic


    Nature Pink


    Nature Metallic


    Sensual Black


    Sensual Metallic


    Buy one of these blinds on our website today.

    The full range of VELUX products are also all available to buy at www.condell-ltd.com.

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Condell are the best builders merchant in the Sutton area. I have used them for years and they never let me down.
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Excellent service, great prices, delivered on time. What more could I ask for.
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